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Here at Infinity Medical and Wellness, we’re dedicated to serving our patients with the highest quality staff, treatment, and services possible. We emphasize the improvement in health and well being of our patients so they can truly live their most fulfilling lives. Most people end up learning to live with their pain, or “dis-ease” whereas we have the expertise and tools to TREAT the pain and dis-ease so you can return to doing the things you love. This is one of the main reasons our clinic thrives today.

Come in and see us! With our kind, dedicated, attentive staff, you’ll always be in good hands. We’d love to support your healing and help you achieve your wellness objectives. Live an INFINITE life with Infinity Medical and its team on your side!

Michelle Garcia


What do I do?

Michelle is board certified as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. She earned a Masters Degree in Nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

By starting her career in Internal Medicine, she was provided with a solid knowledge base in managing primary care. 

Dedicated to preventative care, she believes in the mind, body, and spirit working collaboratively as a whole to achieve optimal health.

More About Me:

I love counseling patients on nutritional health, the importance of fitness and achieving balance in their day to day lives.

I believe one of the most important aspects in the provider and patient relationship is building a rapport of trust & delivering attentive and compassionate care.

Dr. Douglas Christianson


What do I do?

Douglas Christianson, ND, is a dedicated hormone optimization, regenerative & sports medicine specialist who enjoys helping patients in providing insightful education at Infinity Medical and Wellness. 

More About Me:

  • Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Physical Rehabilitation specialist
  • Naturopathic Doctoral Degree, Bastyr University, San Diego 
  • Bachelor in Biomedical sciences at National University of Health sciences
  • Advanced IV therapy certified since 2019
  • IV Chelation Therapy Certified Since 2020
  • Regenerative Injection Therapy Certified 2016 (+100 hours in clinical training) 

Dr. Michael Moeller


What do I do?

Dr. Moe uses an individualized approach for all of his patients. He compiles history, lifestyle, and selects unique lab testing to develop an optimal life protocol. This protocol includes changes in lifestyle, diet, supplementation, and if needed, pharmaceuticals. He specializes in the area of testosterone and growth hormone therapy, taking healthy men and helping them reach their optimal health.

More About Me:

  • Low Testosterone/Mens Hormones
  • Athletics
  • Energy Levels/Fatigue
  • Joint Pain

Our Why

Here at Infinity Medical & Wellness, we’ve all had personal situations that have challenged our health. That’s why we obsess over taking our bodies and our health to their optimal state. We combine what we know as medical professionals and research new methods rigorously to help ease our patients out of their “dis-eased” state. Our passion in new and alternative ways of healing to make the body more resilient is the cornerstone of our practice. 

What We Are Looking For:

We are looking for patients who are committed to their health and looking for solutions to eliminate their chronic pain, specifically Peripheral Neuropathy, and dis-eased states for good!

Dr. Moe especially loves working with TRT and men who are committed to becoming as healthy as possible, who are obsessed and passionate about looking and feeling their best — who make their health a priority and can teach him just as much as he teaches them.

What You Can Expect

We do this kind of medicine because we love it. We love learning about new technologies, supplements, and alternative ways of healing and optimizing the body. You can expect as you work with us, we will continue to monitor and tweak protocols. Because new medical treatments, bio hacks, and research are coming out all the time, prepare to have the most cutting edge and up to date medical service. We want to be at the forefront to help take on and implement these amazing discoveries.

Come In And See Us



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